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How Long Does a Metal Roof Last

How Long Does a Metal Roof Last

Metal roofs are very famous among homeowners because of their durability and longevity. They are known for providing excellent protection against inclement weather and other extreme environmental conditions. For any homeowner, investing in a roof is a major investment. Therefore, most homeowners opt for a roof that is robust and needs little maintenance in the long run.

Metal roofs fulfill all the boxes in the checklist. Apart from their impressive lifespan and excellent protection again weather they also offer many other benefits as well. They are environmentally friendly and can be made using recycled materials. Besides, metal roofs are also very energy efficient and can significantly reduce utility bills to a large extent.

But the most pertinent question regarding metal roofs is “How long does a metal roof last?” In this blog post, we’ll explore the typical lifespan of metal roofs, the factors that influence their durability, and practical tips for extending their life.

How Long Can a Metal Roof Last?

Typically, the life expectancy of a metal roof is in the range of 40-70 years or an average of 50 years. Their life expectancy can exceed this average if they are regularly maintained and well looked after. However, exactly predicting their life span is difficult as it is influenced by numerous factors.

Factors Affecting Metal Roof Lifespan

1.    Metal Type

The longevity of the metal roof is heavily influenced by the type and caliber of the material utilized in their construction. Commonly used metals in roof construction include steel, aluminum, and zinc. Roofs made with galvanized steel are highly durable with a lifespan exceeding 60 years. Aluminum roofs on the other hand are lightweight and provide excellent resistance against corrosion and can last for up to 50 years. While zinc roofs, being the most expensive on the list, have an exceptional life expectancy of 100 years or more.

2.    Coating/ Finish

Finishing plays an important role in enhancing the longevity of the roof. They provide an additional layer of protection against various elements like rain, UV rays, moisture, and corrosion. For instance, a high-quality paint finish can enhance the roof’s resistance to fading and chalking, while a protective sealant can prevent rust and other forms of deterioration.

3.    Installation Quality

Proper installation is a crucial step that greatly affects the longevity of the roof. Therefore, always make sure to hire professional roofers to install the roof. a professional roofer brings in years of experience and seamlessly executes the whole work. Proper installation by qualified professionals ensures the roof is securely fastened, and properly sealed, and allows for thermal movement of the metal panels.

4.    Climate and Environment

The climate you live in plays a big role. Metal roofs handle most weather well, but factors like constant salt spray in coastal areas, heavy snowfall, hail, and extreme temperature swings can accelerate wear and tear.

5.    Maintenance

Proper maintenance is essential to get rid of frequent damage and extend the lifespan of the roof. You don’t need a professional roofer for this maintenance. Small tasks such as clearing the debris, inspecting the damage, and making minor repairs are all you need to do to prevent damage.

Extending the Lifespan of Your Metal Roof

1.    Maintain It Clean

To avoid rust and moisture buildup, remove leaves, branches, and other debris on a regular basis. A mild hose rinse maintains the greatest possible appearance and functionality for your roof.

2.    Examine Carefully

Plan routine checks to find wobbly panels, missing screws, or deteriorating sealant, especially following storms. Early problem detection reduces the cost of future repairs.

3.    Quick Fix

Deal with small problems like dents or scrapes right away. Little solutions stop them from growing into larger issues.

4.    Preserve the Coat

Your roof’s protecting layer may deteriorate with time. Therefore, you must maintain it properly by repainting or recoating it every few years.

5.    Empty the Gutters

Maintain good water drainage by cleaning gutters and downspouts on a regular basis. Water accumulation in clogged gutter can lead to corrosion and leakages.


With the right maintenance, metal roofs can endure up to 70 years, or even longer. They are a prudent investment because of their robustness, energy efficiency, and environmental friendliness. Decades of immaculate performance can be achieved from your metal roof by comprehending lifespan elements and putting maintenance procedures like routine cleaning and inspections into place. Thinking of getting a metal roof?  For professional guidance and to get the most out of your investment, speak with a roofing specialist.

Does My NYC Roof Replacement Project Need a Permit?


Welcome to Keystone Commercial Roofing Contractors. We are New York’s most reputable and trustworthy roofing company, providing excellent roofing replacement services. Since we started roofing in 2000, we have finished thousands of roofing projects with a 99% success record. We are a completely licensed roofing company providing New Yorkers with superior roof replacement options. giving them peace of mind and removing all of their concerns regarding roofing.

The competent roofers that make up our workforce have a minimum of ten years of expertise in the field. Our crew has become skilled at resolving even the most difficult problems the city presents thanks to their vast expertise as roofing specialists in NYC.

Understanding Permit Regulations

Navigating through permit regulations is crucial when it comes to roofing projects. The need for permits varies depending on the scale of work involved. Minor repairs such as fixing damaged shingles and patching up leaks typically do not mandate a permit from the Department of Buildings (DOB).

On the other hand, significant undertakings like roof system replacements or structural alterations necessitate obtaining permits from DOB. Moreover, properties located within designated landmarks or historic districts require permits, from the Landmark Preservation Commission (LPC) before any work can commence.

In New York, there are two departments that handle the permits for replacing roofs.

  • Department of Building (DOB) NYC

Most of the roofing permits in NYC are handled by the Department of Building. This includes all permits relating to roof construction, repair, and alteration. They are the ones to determine whether your roofing works needs a permit or not.

  • Landmark Preservation Commission (LPC)

Permits from the Landmark Preservation Commission are required only if your property is classified as a landmark or falls under a historic district. They have specific guidelines for alterations that ensure the building’s architectural integrity is preserved.

When a Permit is Likely Needed

Obtaining a permit from the concerned department is a must before starting any sort of roofing work. Otherwise, you could face penalties that can create legal trouble for you. But the question is which type of roofing works require a permit. Not all roof replacements require permits in NYC. However, for some projects, a permit is crucial to ensure safety, compliance with building codes, and respect for historical significance. Here are some common scenarios where obtaining a permit becomes necessary:

  1. Full Roof Tear-Offs

If your roof is heavily damaged and the roofing job involves stripping down the entire roof, then obtaining a permit is mandatory.

  1. Structural Changes to the Roof

Any modifications that alter the load-bearing structure of your roof, such as changes in pitch, adding skylights, or modifying trusses or beams, will necessitate a permit. These changes can impact the roof’s stability and drainage, so permit approval ensures the work is completed safely and according to regulations.

  1. Replacing Roofs in Landmark Districts or Historic Buildings

Before doing any kind of roofing work on your home, you must seek permission from the LPC if it is a landmark or is situated in a historically significant region. The LPC guarantees that the replacement work respects the building’s architectural character and does not take away from its historical significance.

When a Permit Might not be needed

Obtaining a permit is crucial but not in all scenarios. For instance, minor repairs including leaks, missing or broken shingles, or patching do not require any permit for repair. Or we can say that any permit is not mandatory for the repair or replacement of a non-structural roof component.

Keystone Can Help!

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Why Keystone Commercial Roofing Contractors are the Best Choice in Queens


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Experience and Expertise

At Keystone, we have tons of experience in solving all roofing related issues. We have been serving Queens residents for over two decades and have mastered the art of providing high-quality commercial roofing services that stand the test of time. Our team is composed of well-versed and skilled professionals having years of hands-on expertise. They are trained from the best institutes and have all relevant certifications and qualifications.

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Quality Materials and Workmanship

We always adhere to all quality control parameters, making sure that the quality is never compromised under any circumstances. Our roofing materials are sourced only from the best and most reputed suppliers throughout New York. Ensuring to provide you with a robust roof capable of bearing all inclement weather conditions.

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Customer Satisfaction

Our customers are our main priority. Our services are carefully devised by keeping our customers’ satisfaction in mind. We understand that having roofing work done can be stressful, so, at Keystone we are Lazer focused on communication with our customers. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way, from the initial inspection to project completion. You can expect regular phone calls, and email updates, and are always welcome to reach out with any questions.

Our team is also dedicated to responsiveness. We answer calls and inquiries promptly, ensuring your concerns are addressed quickly.

Finally, we provide transparent estimates.  Our detailed quotes outline all costs, including materials, labor, and any potential unforeseen repairs. This ensures you know exactly what to expect before the project begins.


With a skilled workforce, a fleet of modern equipment, and a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Keystone is the best choice for Queens residents for all roofing-related services. Taking care of the roof is crucial for every property owner as it is an important element of your property. A well-maintained roof can attract customers by increasing the aesthetic appeal of your property.

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